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Version 1

Provider Support Manual for 2020 to 2021

Published: 10 July 2020, Summary of changes
Updated: 25 March 2021
From: Education and Skills Funding Agency

Section 1 How to use this manual

Section 2 Introduction to the ILR

Section 3 Collecting and submitting data

Section 4 Completing the ILR: guidance for all provision

Section 5 Recording learner changes

Section 6 Recording apprenticeship programmes

Section 7 Recording traineeship programmes

Section 8 Recording 16-19 study programmes

Section 9 Recording T Level and T Level transition programmes

Section 10 ESF funded learning aims

Section 11 Recording A and AS levels

Section 12 Recording Household situation

Section 13 Further information

Section 14 Related Links to Documents and Information