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How to delete records

How to delete records

Erroneous learner records can be deleted from the ILR data held by the ESFA by sending an ILR file with the erroneous Learner and associated Learning Delivery and/or Learner Destination and Progression records removed from the file.

Learner records should not be deleted unless the learner withdraws without completing one episode of learning, for example the learner withdraws without attending the first class.

However, do not delete the record if it is identified that a learner has never attended or completed one episode of learning in the previous year. On the learning aim, set the Completion status to code 3 ‘withdrawn’ and complete the Withdrawal reason field with the relevant code. Record the Learning actual end date as the last day the learner was in learning: this will be in the previous ILR year, do not use 1 August of the current year. The last day of learning may be the start date of the learning aim.

Where files have been merged using the amalgamation tool, care should be taken to ensure that the learner is deleted correctly.

You should keep a record of any learner deletions.