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Provider support manual:

Traineeships for 19 to 24 year olds

Traineeships for 19 to 24 year olds

These are funded using the Adult skills funding model.

All learning aims must be recorded using Funding model code 35.

The Source of funding must be recorded using code SOF105 in the Learning Delivery FAM fields.

You must record all learning aims that are part of the traineeship programme, including both the work preparation and work experience aims.

All traineeship programmes for 19 to 24 year old learners should have both work experience and work preparation learning aims.

Learning support funding (LSF) is recorded on the programme aim for a traineeship. If the learner continues with English and/or maths aims after the traineeship programme is completed, then the LSF will need to be recorded on either the English or the maths aim as follows:

  • For the LSF record on the programme aim, set the ‘Date applies to’ to the Learning actual end date of the programme aim.

  • Create a new LSF record on either the English or maths aim with a ‘Date applies from’ of the day following the programme end date.