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Work Placement entity

Work Placement entity

In addition to recording the work experience and the industry placement learning aim, you must record details of each work placement that is undertaken using the Work Placement entity.

The work experience learning aim is not bound to an amount of hours. You must record the hours planned for each individual work placement on the work placement entity in the field: ‘Work placement hours’.

The Work placement hours field is mandatory for each work placement record and must reflect the total hours planned for the individual work placement.

You must record the work placement hours planned for both internal and external work placements. For Industry placements, you must record the industry placement hours planned for the external work placement.

All industry placements must be with an external employer and the work placement employer identifier field must be recorded.

Where the work experience aim is a learner’s core aim, it is expected that the work experience will always be with an external employer.

If more than one work placement takes places within the teaching year and as part of the same programme of study, then the Learning start and planned end dates for the work experience aim must cover the duration of all work placement periods for the teaching year.
If the learner has a core aim of work experience and they leave the study programme early to progress to a positive destination as detailed in the ESFA funding regulations for post-16 provision, then the learner should record the work experience aim as completed to be classed as retained for funding purposes.

Work experience and planned learning hours

The total of all work placement hours for the current year (both internal and external) must be included in the Planned employability, enrichment and pastoral hours field. This is used for funding.

Where work experience is an essential and integrated part of a student’s vocational qualification, such as a BTE, then a work experience learning aim is not recorded. The hours for the whole qualification including the work experience element are recorded in the Planned learning hours field.

Recording work experience that crosses multiple teaching years

If a work experience placement takes place across the teaching year boundary of 31 July/1 August, then you must record a Learning planned end date of 31 July for the learning aim to be recorded in the current year’s ILR.

The hours recorded for the individual work placement(s) on this aim should only include the hours up to and including 31 July.

A new work experience aim with a Learning start date of 1 August 2020 will need to be recorded in the 2020 to 2021 ILR and a new work placement record added. The new work placement record must include the planned hours remaining for the work placement from 1 August 2020 onwards.

This guidance applies to 16-19 study programmes including 16-19 traineeships. It does not apply to 19-24 traineeships.