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Recording Higher Education (HE) data

Recording Higher Education (HE) data

The ILR contains two HE datasets: The Learner HE entity and the Learning Delivery HE entity. This HE data is requested by OfS and HESA.

The Learner HE and Learning Delivery HE fields should be completed as accurately as possible: the use of default values should be avoided. Returning values such as ‘not known’ or ‘not in HESES population’ may adversely affect OfS funding and should only be used where appropriate.

In addition to the Learning Delivery HE fields, providers may also need to complete the HE monitoring data in the Learning Delivery FAM entity.

The Learner HE entity also contains the Learner HE Financial Support entity. The Learner HE Financial Support entity is completed annually. At the start of each academic year, any records relating to the previous academic year should be removed and are not returned.

Recording Learner HE Financial Support

The Learner HE Financial Support entity collects details of the financial support received by the student for the year. This data will be used to understand the role that bursaries and other in-kind support play in determining the choice of where students study and the impact this has on their likelihood of continuing studies.

There are four financial types which can be collected. Each type can only be recorded once but the corresponding financial amounts are updated during the year.

Each Financial support type and Financial support amount pair should be recorded once per applicable Financial support type. Where the student is in receipt of multiple forms of a Financial support type (for example, two forms of cash support) these amounts should be summed and recorded under a single occurrence of the appropriate Financial support type.

A HE learner is in receipt of a scholarship and receives a payment on 15 September 2018 for £200.

  • A Financial support type of Cash is recorded with a corresponding Financial support amount of £200.

During the year, the same learner is in receipt of another scholarship payment of £400 and an accommodation discount of £300.

  • A Financial support type of Accommodation discount is recorded with a corresponding Financial support amount of £300. The existing record with a Financial support type of Cash is updated to have a value of £600 (to include both scholarship payments).