Provider support manual:

Match funding

Match funding

As an ESF Opt-in Organisation, the ESFA must match ESF funds contracted with money from the UK Government (that is, eligible mainstream programme funds).

The ESFA is required to report this match funding and the associated learners within funding claims made to the ESF Managing Authority in England. When funds are identified as match funding, the learning activity and its associated funding become part of the ESF Programme and so must meet the same requirements as directly funded ESF activity.

Learning aims funded through the Adult skills funding model (including non-levy apprenticeship standards) and an employer that is not on the apprenticeship service and is funded through a contract for services with the ESFA, starting on or after 1 August 2018 may be used as match funding for the ESF Programme. Providers should expect learning aims to be used as match funding and keep data accordingly. The ESFA will write to all providers confirming if they are being used as ESF match funding.

It is important that you return complete and meaningful data: values such as ‘not known’ or ‘prefer not to say’ should only be used in exceptional circumstances. This is particularly important for the following fields:

  • Prior attainment [Learner entity]

  • Employment status [Learner Employment Status entity]

  • Household situation [Learning Delivery Funding and Monitoring entity]

  • Outcome type and code [Destination and Progression entity]