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When do I send data to the ESFA?

When do I send data to the ESFA?

ILR data must be returned according to the data collection timetable in Appendix A of the ILR Specification.

The ILR timetable sets out:

  • The return date by which you must send complete data for the purposes described in the timetable

  • The data uses and purpose of the return

  • Which types of provider need to send data for each particular return

The return date in the timetable is the hard close date for including data in the national database for that return and represents the last opportunity to send data for each return.

You must ensure that the data held on the national database is complete and fit for purpose by these dates.

You must ensure that the data held by the ESFA is up to date for the purposes described in the timetable by 6pm on the fourth working day of the month. Any data sent after 6pm on the return date will not be processed for the purposes of that particular return.

Where the timetable includes a ‘reference date’ for any particular return, your ILR data must accurately describe all provision delivered up to and including this date. You may include data for provision delivered after the reference date. For returns that do not have a reference date, you must return new starters, leavers and changes in a timely way.

ILR timeliness requirements:

  • New starts must be reported within 2 reporting months of their start date

  • Achievements must be reported within 3 reporting months of the point of achievement

The type of provider you are determines what data returns are required. In broad terms, FE colleges are required to send data on a quarterly basis and training organisations on a monthly basis, however there are exceptions to this.

Data is required monthly from all providers for the following. You must ensure that the data is complete and error-free for:

  • ESF funded learning

  • 16-18 apprenticeships (frameworks and standards)

  • 19+ apprenticeship standards

  • Apprenticeships started on or after 1 May 2017 (Funding model 36)

FE colleges and other grant funded providers must decide for themselves what data is sent in addition to the data essential to meet that required for any particular return date. The data required monthly (detailed above) must be complete and error free while data for other provision that is sent in the same file can be incomplete and contain errors.