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Recording learner contact preferences

Recording learner contact preference

Data collected in the Learner Contact Preference entity is used to record any restrictions on the use of the learner’s record to contact them about learning opportunities or for survey and research purposes. It also details any restrictions on what methods can be used to contact the learner, for example: telephone, email or post.

The contact preferences captured on the ILR do not apply in the following two circumstance:

  • Where learners may be contacted as part of a sampled survey to inform the effectiveness of the ESF 2014 to 2020 Programme. This only applies to ESF funded learners and Adult skills funded learners who could be used as match for the ESF Programme (including 16-18 apprenticeships on Funding model 35).

  • Where providers need to contact learners to collect Destination and Progression data. The only exception to this is where the Contact preference is recorded as ‘Learner is not to be contacted’ (RUI code 3, 4 or 5).