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Recording T Level programmes on the ILR

Recording T Level programmes on the ILR

T level programmes have a number of mandatory components all of which should be recorded as funding model 25, SOF 107 and programme type 31:

Programme Aim – every T Level programme must have a programme aim (ZPROG001) spanning the entire duration of the programme.

T Level qualification – this is the main technical qualification of the programme covering the core and specialist content. This qualification must be recorded for each T Level student by R04 of the first year of study.

The 3 T level qualifications approved for teaching from Autumn 2020 are:

  • 60358294 - T Level Technical Qualification in Education and Childcare (Level 3) (delivered by NCFE)

  • 60358324 - T Level Technical Qualification in Digital Production, Design and Development (Level 3) (delivered by Pearson)

  • 60358300 - T Level Technical Qualification in Design, Surveying and Planning for Construction (Level 3) (delivered by Pearson)

Occupational Specialism – every T level student must choose an occupational specialism as part of their T Level programme. Although not a qualification in it’s own right it is important that providers record the occupational specialism each student undertakes. We have set up learning aim class codes for each occupational specialism for 2020 to enable clear recording. The student’s occupational specialism must be confirmed and recorded in data by the end of the first academic year (R14).

T Level Industry placement – every T Level student must undertake a substantial Industry Placement and this should be recorded using the learning aim ZWRKX003. This learning aim reference is specifically for T level industry placement activity.

T level planned hours – planned hours for the whole programme should be recorded against every T level student at the start of their programme. In the ILR these are recorded in the planned hours field against the T level programme aim and in the census are recorded in the T Level qualification and T level non-qualification hours fields.

The Programme aim must be recorded as Aim type code 1 and the T Level qualification aim must be recorded as the core aim using Aim type code 5.
All other aims must be recorded as component aims using Aim type code 3. This includes the occupational specialism, industry placement (ZWRKX003) and Maths and English where required.

Industry placements are recorded with a work placement entity record (or records if there are multiple episodes) which records more detail about the industry placement.

Learners can change the pathway they are studying up to R14, providing they have not been assessed on the core aim.

Example 1: Recording a T Level programme

Learning Aim Reference and aim types:

  • ZPROG001 Generic code to identify programme aims: aim type 1

  • 60358294 T Level Technical Qualification in Education and Childcare (Level 3) (delivered by NCFE): aim type 5

  • ZTLOS006 Occupational Specialism/Early years education and childcare: aim type 3

  • ZWRKX003 Industry Placement: aim type 3