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Recording completion, achievement and retention

Recording completion, achievement and retention

The maximum duration for a traineeship programme is 12 months. The work placement, work preparation and flexible elements must be completed within this 12 month period. The programme aim for the traineeship should be closed after 12 months.

If a learner does not complete the English and maths elements of the traineeship within 12 months, then these can continue to be funded until they are completed. The traineeship programme aim and other component aims must be closed. The English and maths learning aims will remain open, no re-coding of these aims is required and they will continue to be recorded with a Programme type code of 24.

Where the programme is complete but the outcome is not yet known, then the Learning actual end date should be entered and code 8 recorded in the Outcome field on the programme aim.

As soon as you have established that a learner has met the destination criteria for achievement, then this should be recorded on the ILR.

Traineeship programmes recorded as successfully achieved (Outcome = 1) should have both work experience and work preparation component aims.

The achievement date must be recorded for all programmes that have an Outcome of ‘achieved’ recorded. This is the date on which the learner has met the requirements for progression to an apprenticeship, job or further learning (see the ESFA funding documentation for full details). For example: the achievement date is the date on which the learner has been in employment for 8 weeks or the date on which the learner met the funding qualifying period for an apprenticeship or further learning.

If the Achievement date is on or after 1 August 2020 and before 1 August 2021, then this must be reported in the 2020 to 2021 ILR returns (before R14) in order to earn achievement funding in the 2020 to 2021 year for Adult skills funded traineeships.

It is important that you establish the destination of all learners who completed a traineeship programme in the current year’s ILR before R14 in order to determine whether they have met the criteria for achievement funding in current year.

For traineeship programmes that start and finish in the current year, the Achievement date must be within 6 months of the Programme actual end date to earn achievement funding.

Outcomes for the individual component aims should be recorded in the usual way.