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Summary of changes

Provider Support Manual 2020 to 2021

Version 1

Type of change: Change to ACT guidance

The ACT guidance has been updated to include the April policy change
From the first of April 2021 all new apprenticeship starts should be recorded as ACT 1

Type of change: Update to Section 6: recording apprenticeship programmes, apprentice is made redundant.

Details: Funding model 36: recording changes.
Apprentice is made redundant: Addition of link to apprenticeship funding page for guidance

Type of change: Update to Section 9: recording T level and T level transition programmes.

Details: Content update to recording T Level transition programmes on the ILR

Previous: This class code should be recorded as the core aim, aim type 5.
Updated: This class code
must be recorded as the core aim, aim type 5.

Type of change: Update to Section 6: recording apprenticeship programmes, recording apprenticeship standard completions.

Details: Content update to apprenticeship standard completions guidance, to provide clarity on recording the learner Outcome field.

Type of change: Update to Section 8: recording 16-19 study programmes, recording Industry placements.

Details: Content update to Industry Placement guidance , removing the 45 days duration requirement.

Type of change: New section added.

Details: Section 9 Completing the ILR: recording T Level and T Level transition programmes.

Type of change: Replatformed section.

Section 13 Field collection requirement tables from the 2019 to 2020 and previous versions of the manual, have been transferred onto a digital platform.

Refer to: Field collection tables

Type of change: Incremental section numbering.

Incorporating the addition of section 9 into the manual for 2020 to 2021, the following sections been renumbered.

  • Sections 10 Completing the ILR: ESF funded learning aims (previously section 9).

  • Section 11 Completing the ILR: Recording A and AS levels (previously section 10).

  • Section 12 Completing the ILR: Recording Household situation (Previously section 11)

  • Section 13 Further information (Previously section 12)

Type of change: Update to guidance for recording and returning planned hours within the Learning Delivery entity.

Comprehensive content update and examples for the Planned hours field.

Type of change: Additional field applicable to data management principle 4.

Planned hours field is now included into data management principle 4 and should not be changed without keeping a record or reason for the change.

Type of change: New field added.

Actual Hours for Off the Job Training field has been introduced for 2020 to 2021.

This field collects the total Actual off-the-job training hours (as defined in the funding rules) that is delivered to the individual apprentice over the practical period of the apprenticeship (before gateway). This should be entered at the end of the apprenticeship programme.

Type of change: Clarification for recording homeless learners.

Guidance for recording learner contact details has been updated with instructions for recording learners without a fixed address (homeless) .

Applies to all providers.