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Recording learner contact details

Recording learner contact details

The following contact information is collected on the ILR:

  • Postcode prior to enrolment

  • Current postcode

  • Current Address lines 1-4

  • Current Telephone number

  • Current Email address

Postcode prior to enrolment

The Postcode prior to enrolment is completed when the learner first enrols on a programme of learning with a provider. It should not be updated if the learner moved to a new house during their programme of learning (which includes between teaching year if the programme of learning extends over more than one teaching year).

The Postcode prior to enrolment is used to calculate disadvantage funding, you must ensure that this field is not changed to influence funding for learning aims that are already in progress.

If the learner progresses to a new programme of learning, then the Postcode prior to enrolment should be updated is applicable.

Recording learners without a fixed address (homeless)

Where a learner is identified as homeless:

  • complete Address line 1 field using 'Homeless no address'

  • use the delivery location postcode for the learner's postcode record

  • do not use ZZ99 9ZZ for homeless learner postcode records (this code is for unknown postcodes only)

Homeless learners living in supported accommodation should be recorded using the address of the accommodation.