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Provider Support Manual for 2023 to 2024

Published: January 2023, Summary of changes
Updated: May 2023
From: Education and Skills Funding Agency

Section 1 How to use this manual

Section 2 Introduction to the ILR

Section 3 Collecting and submitting data

Section 4 Completing the ILR: guidance for all provision

Section 5 Recording learner changes

Section 6 Recording apprenticeship programmes

Section 7 Recording traineeship programmes

Section 8 Recording 16-19 study programmes

Section 9 Recording T Level and T Level Transition Programmes

Section 10 Recording Skills Bootcamps

Section 11 Recording A and AS levels

Section 12 Pilots and other Funding Streams

Section 13 Additional guidance for recording Higher Education Data

Section 14 Community Learning

Section 15 Further information

Section 16 Related Links to Documents and Information