ILR specification: 2024 to 2025

High needs students: attribute field


To indicate if a local authority has paid element 3 'top-up' funding for an 16-19 (excluding Apprenticeships) funded student whose agreed support costs are greater than £6,000.

Reason Required

To monitor the number of high need students.

Min Occurs
Max Occurs

Collection Requirements

  • 16-19 excluding Apprenticeships (FundModel 25)


  •  This field is only completed for 16-19 (excluding Apprenticeships) funded students where a local authority has actually paid element 3 'top-up' funding for a student whose agreed learning support costs are greater than £6,000. It must not be used in any other circumstances, for example, where costs are less than or equal to £6,000 or where the local authority has made no in-year contribution to the costs even if they are judged/agreed to be greater than £6,000.

  • This field must be updated annually.

Attribute Codes

Type Code Title


1 Learner is a high needs student in receipt of element 3 'top-up' funding from the local authority