ILR specification: 2022 to 2023

Learning planned end date: Field


The date by which the provider and learner plan to complete the learning related to this learning aim.

Reason Required

To calculate expected learning delivery periods and to calculate funding.

Schema Definitions

XML Entity Name
Field Length
Data type
Minimum occurrences
Maximum occurrences

Collection Requirements

  • Collected for all learners

Valid Entries

A valid date, using the date pattern YYYY-MM-DD


  • The planned end date of the learning aim must be entered in this field at the start of the learning aim. This should remain constant and must not be changed. It is not expected to be a rolling date subject to changes.

  • The planned end date must remain the same between teaching years as it is used in success rates to match data from one year to the next.

  • If a learner continues their study beyond the date planned at the start of the learning aim, this should be reflected in the learning actual end date field and the learning planned end date must remain unchanged.

  • It is important that this date is set realistically based on historic performance, published average lengths of stay and a thorough assessment of the learner at initial assessment. See the funding documentation for further information.

  • For apprenticeship standards, the Learning planned end date must include both the training and end point assessment period for continuing learners. For new starts on or after August 2019, the planned end date must only include the learning related to the learning aim and not include the end point assessment period.