ILR specification: 2021 to 2022

Withdrawal Reason: field


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Withdrawal reason attribute code 48: Definition changed to Industry placement. This has been changed from Industrial placement.


The reason why the learner has withdrawn from the learning aim.

Reason required

For use in performance management and success rates.

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Collection requirements

  • Collected for all aims

Attribute Codes

2Learner has transferred to another provider
3Learner injury / illness
7Learner has transferred between providers due to intervention by or with the written agreement of the ESFA
28OLASS learner withdrawn due to circumstances outside the providers' control
29Learner has been made redundant
40Learner has transferred to a new learning aim with the same provider
41Learner has transferred to another provider to undertake learning that meets a specific government strategy
42Academic failure/left in bad standing/not permitted to progress - HE learning aims only
43Financial reasons
44Other personal reasons
45Written off after lapse of time - HE learning aims only
47Learner has transferred to another provider due to merger
48Industry placement learner has withdrawn due to circumstances outside the providers’ control
98Reason not known


Collected for all learning aims that have a Completion status of withdrawn (Completion status = 3).

  • Code 28 should be used where the learner has withdrawn due to circumstances outside the providers' control. This must only be used for OLASS learners where the offender is in custody, as recorded in the Learner Funding and Monitoring fields using code LDM034, OLASS - Offenders in custody.

  • Code 41 should be used to identify where a learner has transferred to another provider into learning that aligns with a specific government strategy. This code should only be used in the following circumstance:

    • for learners who withdraw from an 16-19 (excluding Apprenticeships) funded study programme or Adult skills funded learning in order to take up an apprenticeship programme, traineeship or Supported Internship

  • The use of code 41 will not be audited, however it will be closely monitored to ensure it is being used appropriately.

  • Codes 42 and 45 should be used for HE learning aims only. For full guidance about these codes, please refer to the HESA specification.

  • Code 7 only to be used where the provider has been given written authorisation by the ESFA.

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