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LLDD and health problem category: field


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Text change to attribute code 4: Visual impairment

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Vision impairment


The nature of the learner's disability, learning difficulty and/or health problem.

Reason required

To identify all the learning difficulties, disabilities or health problems that may apply for reporting purposes and to align with data collected in the school census.

Schema definitions

XML Element Name
Field length
Data type
Minimum occurrences
Maximum occurrences

Collection requirements

  • Collected for all learners

Attribute Codes

CodeDefinitionValid to
1Emotional/behavioural difficulties31 July 2015
2Multiple disabilities31 July 2015
3Multiple learning difficulties31 July 2015
4Vision impairment
5Hearing impairment
6Disability affecting mobility
7Profound complex disabilities
8Social and emotional difficulties
9Mental health difficulty
10Moderate learning difficulty
11Severe learning difficulty
14Autism spectrum disorder
15Asperger's syndrome
16Temporary disability after illness (for example post-viral) or accident
17Speech, Language and Communication Needs
93Other physical disability
94Other specific learning difficulty (e.g. Dyspraxia)
95Other medical condition (for example epilepsy, asthma, diabetes)
96Other learning difficulty
97Other disability
98Prefer not to say
99Not provided


  • This field should be completed on the basis of the learner's self-assessment. It is recognised that many learners for whom information is recorded in this field will not be able to identify themselves as having learning difficulties. This information will be recorded as a result of interviews with learners, their parents, guardians, teachers or advocates.

  • Codes 1, 2 and 3 are only available for continuing learners who started before 1 August 2015.

  • Further information is available at This document accompanies the school census returns and may give helpful supporting information on the definitions of the different categories.

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