ILR specification: 2021 to 2022

Address line 1: field


The first line of the learner's current address. Normally this would include the house/flat number or name and the street name.

Reason required

To contact the learner for survey purposes.

Schema definitions

XML Element Name
Field length
Data type
Minimum occurrences
Maximum occurrences
Part of

Collection requirements

  • Collected for all learners

Valid entries

Valid entries are alphabetic characters, numeric digits and the following characters only: [~!@&'\()*+,-./:;]


[A-Za-z0-9 ~!@&'\\()*+,\-./:;]{1,50}


Not collected for Community Learning (Funding model 10) and Local Authority funded Community Learning (Funding model 99 and Source of funding 108), where the Planned learning hours are 10 or less.

  • Homeless learners living in supported accommodation should use the address of the accommodation. For a homeless learner that does not have an address, enter 'homeless no address'.

  • MOD learners should supply their 'base' address for security reasons.

  • OLASS learners should enter address line 1 of the prison. This must not include the prison name.

  • You should update this field if you are notified that this data has changed.

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