ILR specification: 2024 to 2025

Achievement date: Field


The date the learning aim or programme aim was achieved by the learner.

Reason Required

Payment of Adult Skills achievement and for apprenticeship funded through the trailblazer funding model.

Schema Definitions

XML Entity Name
Field Length
Data type
Minimum occurrences
Maximum occurrences

Collection Requirements

    Aim Type 1
    • Trailblazer apprenticeships (FundModel 81, ProgType 25)
    • Apprenticeship Standards (FundModel 36, ProgType 25)
    • Skills Bootcamps (FundModel 37, Prog Type 32)

Valid Entries

A valid date, using the date pattern YYYY-MM-DD


Collected for Apprenticeship Standards (FundModel 36, ProgType 25)

  • This field is used to record the conclusion of the End Point assessment period. Once this date is returned the Completion status and associated Outcome must be updated accordingly.

Collected for apprenticeship standards funded through the trailblazer funding model (FundModel 81 and ProgType 25.

  • This field must be recorded where a trailblazer apprenticeship standard has been achieved. It is only recorded on the programme aim.

Skills Bootcamps

  • The date recorded should be the date where the learner has met the requirements for progression to a job. This field must be returned when the Outcome field has been achieved (Outcome = 1).

  • This field does not need to be returned if there is No achievement (Outcome = 3).