ILR specification: 2020 to 2021

National learner monitoring: attribute field


To identify any additional monitoring characteristics required for the learner.

Reason Required

To monitor participation in programmes and initiatives. Can be used tactically in year to identify new programmes and initiatives by using codes described as unassigned at the start of the year.

Min Occurs
Max Occurs

Collection Requirements

  • Collected for all learners


  • Code 17 is used to identify learner records which are being migrated between providers as part of a merger. This code should be recorded on the learner record being migrated from the original provider and on the learner record at the new provider to allow the records to be matched. Providers should contact the Service Desk to discuss the details of any proposed merger before using this code.

  • Code 18 is used to identify learners who have moved to a different provider as a result of the Minimum Contract Level. The new provider will need to complete the UKPRN in previous year field and the Learner reference number in previous year fields if applicable.