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Recording T Level Foundation Years on the ILR

Recording T Level Foundation Years on the ILR

T Level Foundation Years are a variant of 16-19 study programmes that can only be delivered and recorded by providers who have been selected to deliver T Levels and who have confirmed they are delivering the T Level Foundation Year in the same T Level route.

T Level Foundation Years don’t have the same mandatory component structure as T Level programmes. All learning aims within a T Level Foundation Year should be recorded as funding model 25, SOF107 and programme type 30.

All T Level Foundation Years must have a programme aim (ZPROG001) and this must be recorded as aim type 1.

All T Level Foundation Years must also have a core aim, which records the T Level route that the programme is preparing students for. This is recorded as a class code, which must be aim type 5. There are 11 route level class codes which can be found in the Find a Learning Aim service by entering ZTPR* in the learning aim reference search box. Where providers are delivering T Level Foundation Years covering more than one route, the learner's main route should be recorded as the core aim.

As T Level Foundation Years are a 16-19 study programme, you must record annual planned hours values in the Planned Learning Hours and Planned Employability, Enrichment and Pastoral hours fields.

You should not record hours for T Level Foundation Year students in the Planned Hours learning delivery field. This field is only used for T Level programmes.

Providers must also record the subsidiary learning aims being taken as part of the T Level Foundation Year, which should be recorded as a component aim, aim type 3. These learning aims should include, where relevant, any qualifications learners are taking, including English, Maths, or non-qualification activity.

Example 2: Recording a T Level Foundation Year

Learning Aim Reference and Aim Types:

  • ZPROG001 Generic code to identify programme aims aim type: 1

  • ZTPR0004 Education and Childcare aim type: 5 (core aim)

  • XXXXXXX GCSE English aim type: 3

  • XXXXXXX GCSE Maths aim type: 3

  • XXXXXXX Level 2 technical qualification aim type: 3