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Provider support manual:

Section 14 Further information

Further information

There is a reference page at the end of this manual with the related hyperlinks to the documents and web pages that are referred to throughout this site. Each item contains a hyperlink to the relevant webpage or document.

Support available

There are several sources of support available to you including the ESFA service desk and the get help with Education and Skills Funding Agency services forum: see below for details

ESFA Customer Service

You can contact ESFA Customer Service through the ESFA Help Centre

The team can support you with a range of queries, including queries about:

  • The Funding Information System and the ILR Learner Entry Tool

  • Achievement rates (QAR) and minimum standards as well as the Apprenticeship Accountability Framework

  • Access to the online services including permissions, super users and password reset

  • Funding Rules Monitoring (FRM)

  • Data collection processes, timetables and reports

  • Data submissions (FE Workforce, ILR, EAS)

  • Funding eligibility

  • Validity of qualifications for post-16 education and training

Many of these topics are explained further in our ESFA Help Articles .

You can also seek peer to peer support through ESFA Community.

Get help with Education and Skills Funding Agency Services

Get help with Education and Skills Funding Agency services is a help centre hosted by ESFA. You can search help articles or discussions between training providers about further education and skills topics, for self-serve support. By registering as a communities member, you will be able to post questions, comments or subscribe to posts.

If you have any questions about the help centre, please email customer.experience@education.gov.uk