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GCSE maths and English condition of funding

GCSE maths and English condition of funding

If a learner has met or is exempt from the GCSE maths or GCSE English condition of funding, you must record this in the Learner FAM fields using type GCSE maths condition of funding (MCF) and/or GCSE English condition of funding (ECF) as applicable.

Refer to the information on the condition of funding on GOV.UK for further details.

Information about overseas qualifications can be found from UK ENIC please see https://www.enic.org.uk/

GCSE qualification grades

The fields ‘GCSE maths qualification grade’ and ‘GCSE English qualification grade’ collect the highest examination grade awarded to the learner for a GCSE maths or English qualification as at the funding qualifying start period.

The only exception to this is for full-time learners who have both:

  • Grade D or 3 in English Literature, AND

  • Grade E or 2 or lower in English Language

In this exceptional circumstance, the English Language grade should be recorded in the GCSE English qualification grade field. These learners are not subject to the grade D or 3 requirement for condition of funding and may enrol on a stepping stone qualification to meet the condition of funding. Refer to the maths and English condition of funding guidance for further information.