ILR specification: 2022 to 2023

Learning Support Funding: attribute field


To identify whether the learner requires learning support funding for this learning aim.

Reason Required

To monitor and fund learning support for providers who are paid on actuals.

Min Occurs
Max Occurs

Collection Requirements

  • Adult Skills (FundModel 35)
  • Apprenticeships (FundModel 36)
  • Apprenticeship Standards (ProgType 25)


For apprenticeships, this is collected for all funded apprenticeships where applicable, including: apprenticeships funded through the apprenticeship funding model (FundModel 36), apprenticeship standards funded through the trailblazer apprenticeship funding model (FundModel 81 and ProgType 25) and apprenticeship frameworks funded through the Adult Skills funding model (FundModel 35).

  • This field must be completed by all providers for Adult Skills funded learning aims where learning support funding is being claimed.

  • For apprenticeship and traineeship programmes, this information is recorded only on the programme aim. If the programme aim is closed and there is a continuing component aim that requires learning support, then the Learning support funding must be transferred to the continuing component aim, AimType = 3. See the Provider Support Manual for further details.

  • In addition to recording this Funding and monitoring type for this learning aim, the Learning Delivery Funding and Monitoring Date applies from and Date applies to fields must also be completed.

Attribute Codes

Type Code Title


1 Learning support funding


2 - 11 Unassigned