ILR specification: 2022 to 2023

Date of birth: Field


The date of birth of the learner.

Reason Required

Monitor and report on provision by learners characteristics, monitor equality and diversity, inform local and national planning, for determining learner ages on particular dates and for analysis of the age structure and profile of the learner population. Validation of funding eligibility for Adult Skills and ESF funded learners.

Schema Definitions

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Collection Requirements

  • Collected for all learners

Valid Entries

A valid date, using the date pattern YYYY-MM-DD


Providers should return a date of birth for all learners wherever possible. Providers must not estimate the learner's date of birth

  • For all learners where the Unique learner number has been returned, this field must be returned.

  • The validation rules will enforce the completion of the Date of birth for all learners apart from the following exceptions:

    • for learners undertaking only Community Learning who do not have a ULN

    • for non-funded learners who do not have a ULN, apart from those financed by an Advanced Learner Loan

    • for OLASS learners who do not have a ULN, where in exceptional circumstances there may be security reasons why the date of birth cannot be collected