ILR specification: 2022 to 2023

Total Negotiated Price: attribute field


The total price agreed between the employer and provider as the cost to the provider for delivery of the apprenticeship programme.

Reason Required

To calculate government funding for apprenticeship programmes. To monitor apprenticeship programme costs.

Min Occurs
Max Occurs


  • At the start of the apprenticeship standard, you must record two TNP records; one for the total negotiated price agreed between you and the employer. For apprenticeship standards this requires two TNP records: one for the total negotiated price for the training (TNP1) and one for the negotiated price of the end point assessment (TNP2) as agreed between you and the employer. For apprenticeship frameworks only a record for the total negotiated training price (TNP1) is required. Set the Apprenticeship financial record date for these to the start date of the apprenticeship.

  • For apprenticeship standards, the sum of the prices recorded in TNP1 and TNP2 must equal the total cost to the provider to deliver the entire apprenticeship standard, not just the costs for the current year or the employer contribution element. The latest price record(s) is used in the funding calculations.

  • The amount entered on the price records must not include the VAT element where this exists.

  • If a new price for training, assessment or both is negotiated then you must add new TNP records. The financial record date must be set to the date the new price is effective from.

  • For Funding model 36, there may be circumstances in which new TNP records must be added to record the total price for the remaining amount of training and/or assessment to be delivered following a change in circumstance. A residual training price is recorded using code TNP3 and a residual assessment price is recorded using code TNP4. Refer to the ILR guidance documents for details of when to return a residual price record.

Attribute Codes

Type Code Title


1 Total training price


2 Total assessment price


3 Residual training price


4 Residual assessment price


5-10 Unassigned