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Recording Prior Attainment

Recording Prior Attainment

For 2021 to 2022, learner prior attainment is recorded using the new Prior Attainment entity.
This new entity contains two new fields:

  • Prior Level - The prior attainment level at the time relevant to the learning agreement.

  • Date applies from - The date the level of prior attainment applies from.

A new code list of attainment levels has been introduced. The full code list can be found in the ILR specification.
The previous Prior Attainment field is no longer in use and has been removed.

Prior attainment must be recorded when the learning agreement has been agreed between the learner and provider.
The prior attainment relevant to the agreement is recorded on the ILR with the start date matching the earliest learning aim start date for the agreement.

Updating prior attainment

A new record is only added at the start of any subsequent learning where a new learning agreement has been signed.
The prior attainment is not updated during the period of learning where all activities relating to the learning agreement are continuing.
The prior attainment is not updated at the end of all learning activities relating to the learner agreement.
Where a learner returns to a provider after an absence of more than one teaching year, the prior attainment should be re-evaluated and updated.

Migrating prior attainment data across years

For learning aims that have a learning start date prior to 1st August 2021, prior attainment data must be recorded using the new entity. Previous data should be removed.
The ILR Migration Specification (Appendix B) contains information for mapping these codes from the previous year.

Recording prior attainment when a learner progresses into further learning

Where all learning activities relating to the agreement have been completed and if the learner progresses into further learning with the same provider, a new learning agreement is made and a new prior attainment to reflect that learning agreement is recorded.