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Summary of changes

Provider Support Manual 2021 to 2022

Version 2

Type of change: Changes to Learning Aim Reference Service (LARS) references.

Details: Find a Learning Aim is a new service designed to enable Providers to search and find their required learning aims. This replaces the LARS website search functionality. The LARS database, and downloadable files are still in use, and are available on the Find a Learning Aim service.
The references throughout this manual to the LARS search page have been removed and replaced with Find a Learning Aim (FALA). Further information can be found on the new service: https://findalearningaimbeta.fasst.org.uk

Type of change: Removal of references to Fe Connect.

Details: Get help with Education and Skills Funding Agency services is a new help centre providing help and support. References to Fe Connect have been removed and links to the new help centre have been provided in Section 13: Further information .

Type of change: Change to 'Apprenticeship pathway' field references.

Details: The Apprenticeship pathway field has been renamed to Pathway to accommodate T Level programmes. The references to this field throughout the manual have been updated to reflect this.

Type of change: New employment status added.

Details: A new employment type 'Other Employment Type' has been added to record other employment scenarios, such as redundancy. This has been included in the Recording apprenticeship changes article.

Type of change: Additional ESF guidance added.

Details: Additional guidance for recording ESF funded learning aims has been added to Section 10: ESF funded learning aims .

Type of change: Updates to T Level guidance.

Details: Section 9 Recording T Level and T Level transition programmes has been updated with additional guidance to support the recording of T Level programmes.

This includes guidance when a student changes to a different occupational specialism.

Type of change: Additional prior attainment guidance.

Details: A new article Recording Prior Attainment has been added to Section 4. This provides additional guidance when recording data in the learner prior attainment entity.

Type of change: Revision of guidance.

Details: Section 6 Recording apprenticeship programmes has been revised and edited. For apprenticeships on funding model 81 or 35, please see the 2020 to 2021 Provider Support Manual.