ILR specification: 2021 to 2022

Major Source of Tuition Fees: Field


The major source of tuition fees for the learner.

Reason Required

To provide understanding of the various sources of student fees and the extent to which various bodies are supporting students through payment of their fees.

Schema Definitions

XML Entity Name
Field Length
Data type
Minimum occurrences
Maximum occurrences

Collection Requirements

  • Collected for all aims

Attribute Codes

Code Title Valid to
1 No award or financial backing
2 English or Welsh LEA award
3 Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS)
4 DELNI/Northern Ireland Education and Library Boards
5 Provider waiver of support costs
6 Local government - Channel Islands and Isle of Man
7 Fee waiver under government unemployed learners scheme
8 British Academy
9 Part-time graduate apprentice study programme
11 Research council - BBSRC
12 Research council - MRC
13 Research council - NERC
14 Research council - EPSRC
15 Research council - ESRC
17 Arts and Humanities Research Council
18 Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)
19 Research council - not specified
22 International agency
23 Cancer Research UK
24 Wellcome Trust
25 Other AMRC charity
26 Other charitable foundation
31 Departments of Health/NHS/Social Care
32 Departments of Social Services
33 BIS 31 Jul 2018
34 Other HM government departments/public bodies
35 Scholarship of HM forces
36 Scottish Enterprise/Highlands and Islands Enterprise/Training Enterprise Council/Local Enterprise Company
37 LEA training grants scheme
38 Department of Agriculture and Rural Development for Northern Ireland (DARD)
39 Scottish Local Authority discretionary award
41 EU Commission (EC)
42 Overseas learner award from HM government/British Council
43 Overseas government
44 Overseas Development Administration
45 Overseas institution
46 Overseas industry or commerce
47 Other overseas funding
48 Other overseas - repayable loan
52 Mix of learner and SLC
53 Mix of learner and SAAS/SLC
54 Mix of learner and DELNI/NIELB
61 UK industry/commerce
71 Absent for a year
81 Learner's employer
96 FE student New Deal
97 Other
98 No fees
99 Not known


  • For full guidance about this field, please refer to the HESA specification .

  • The predominant source should be selected where there is more than one source.