Provider Support Manual 2020 to 2021

Funding model 35 frameworks: recording changes

Withdrawal from the apprenticeship programme

The programme aim and component learning aims should be closed.

Transfers to a different apprenticeship with the same provider

If an apprentice changes to a different framework or to a standard after 1 May 2017, and the new apprenticeship is funded, then the new apprenticeship will be recorded on Funding model 36.
You must:

Transfers to a different pathway within the same programme type and framework

Close the programme aim and any learning aims that the apprentice is no longer continuing with using Completion status code 3 and Withdrawal reason code 40. You may not need to close all of the aims on the original apprenticeship pathway; if any aims are continuing as part of the new pathway you must not close them.
Create a new programme aim and new learning aims as required, for example where the apprentice is starting a different competency aim. On the programme aim, you must:
  • record the Restart indicator in the Learning Delivery Funding and monitoring (FAM) fields using code RES1, and
  • complete the Original learning start date field with the date that the apprentice originally started on their framework (before the pathway transfer).
Any continuing component aims must be updated with the new pathway code in the Apprenticeship pathway code field. Do not amend the Learning start date or Learning planned end date for these aims; you must not close aims if they are continuing.
Update the pathway code on any competency and/or knowledge aims relevant to the new pathway that the apprentice has already completed. This ensures that the achievement element for these aims is calculated correctly when the framework is achieved.
You do not need to amend the pathway code on completed functional skills aims these should continue to be recorded with the previous pathway code
Record the Learning Delivery FAM type ‘Eligibility for enhanced apprenticeship funding’ (EEF) if applicable:
  • Record EEF code 2 if the apprentice was aged 16-18 when they started their apprenticeship programme but is aged 19 or over when they transfer to the new pathway
  • Record EEF code 3 if the apprentice was aged 19-23 when they started their apprenticeship programme but is aged 24 or over when they transfer to the new pathway
  • Record EEF code 4 if the apprentice is eligible for extended funding, refer to the Funding Rules for details about extended funding.
For apprentices where learning support is being claimed, the ‘Date applies to’ for the Learning Delivery FAM type ‘Learning support funding’ (LSF) on the original programme aim should be equal to the Learning actual end date. If learning support is being claimed on the new pathway, then record Learning Delivery FAM type LSF on the new programme aim with the ‘Date applies from’ equal to the Learning start date.

Transfers to the same apprenticeship with a different provider

If the apprentice transfers to a new provider but continues with the same apprenticeship framework programme, then the original provider must close the programme aim and all component learning aims. Refer to scenario 2 for closing aims when a learner transfers to a different provider.
The new provider must record a new programme aim and any component aims that the apprentice is continuing with. The aims must be recorded with the following:

Fields and descriptions

  • Learning start date is the date on which the apprentice restarts the aim.
  • Original learning start date is the date on which the apprentice originally started the programme with the previous provider, if known.
  • Learning planned end date New planned end date for the aim
  • Funding model must be 35
  • Funding adjustment for prior learning is the proportion of the learning aim still to be delivered (component aims only)
  • Restart indicator (Learning Delivery FAM) Use code RES1
  • Eligibility for enhanced apprenticeship funding (Learning Delivery FAM) must use an applicable code if required.

Progression from one apprenticeship framework level to another

If an apprentice progresses from an Intermediate-level apprenticeship to an Advanced-level apprenticeship during the current year, then two programme aims should be recorded:
  • One closed and completed programme aim on Funding model 35 for the Intermediate-level apprenticeship, and
  • One open and current programme aim on Funding model 36 for the Advanced-level apprenticeship.
The Learning start date of the new apprenticeship programme aim must not overlap with the Learning actual end date for the closed apprenticeship programme aim.
If the apprentice is continuing with level 2 functional skills that they started during the Intermediate-level apprenticeship, then the learning aim records for the functional skills do not need to be closed or amended. The Programme type, Framework code and Apprenticeship pathway fields will remain the same.

Apprentice takes an agreed break in learning

If the apprentice is taking an agreed break in learning and intends to return, for example for economic reasons, long term sickness, maternity leave or religious trips, then the programme and component aims must be closed. Refer to guidance for recording breaks in learning guidance.
When the apprentice returns, a new programme aim and new component learning aim(s) are recorded. The original learning aims on the ILR must not be reopened.
If the apprentice does not return from an agreed break in learning, then the learning aims must be updated to indicate that the apprentice has withdrawn. Refer to recording guidance for learner absence or withdrawal.
If the apprentice has already completed the competency and/or knowledge aims of an apprenticeship programme prior to a break in learning, then these should continue to be returned as part of the apprentice’s ILR records to ensure that the achievement element of funding from these can be calculated correctly.
An apprentice on Funding model 35 who takes a break in learning may return to their apprenticeship on Funding model 35, or can transfer to a different apprenticeship framework or standard on Funding model 36 if it in the apprentice’s best interests (see the apprenticeship funding rules).
If the apprentice transfers to a new programme on Funding model 36, then refer to the Funding model 36 data requirements. The Funding model 35 apprenticeship aims will need to be updated to reflect that the apprentice has now withdrawn and transferred to a new programme. To do this, update the Completion status to code 3 and record Withdrawal reason code 40.