ILR specification: 2021 to 2022

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Revision to the Reason Required and changed from:

Destination reporting, Traineeship success measures and DfE completion and attainment measure

Changed to:

Destination reporting, Traineeship success measures


The type of destination or progression outcome being recorded

Reason required

Destination reporting, Traineeship success measures

Schema definitions

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Collection requirements

  • 16-19 excluding Apprenticeships (FundModel 25)
  • Adult Skills (FundModel 35)
  • ESF (FundModel 70)
  • Other Adult (FundModel 81)
  • Non ‘apprenticeship service’ apprenticeship, funded by ESFA (FundModel 36, ACT2)

Attribute Codes

TypeCodeTitleValid to
EDU3Supported Internship
EDU4Other FE* (Full-time)
EDU5Other FE* (Part-time)
EMP1In paid employment for 16 hours or more per week
EMP2In paid employment for less than 16 hours per week
EMP4Self-employed for 16 hours or more per week
EMP5Self-employed for less than 16 hours per week
GAP1Gap year before starting HE
NPE1Not in paid employment, looking for work and available to start work
NPE2Not in paid employment, not looking for work and/or not available to start work (including retired)
OTH1Other outcome - not listed
OTH2Not reported31 July 2015
OTH3Unable to contact learner
OTH4Not known
SDE1Supported independent living
SDE2Independent living
SDE3Learner returning home
SDE4Long term residential placement
VOL1Voluntary work

Valid entries


* Codes EDU4 and EDU5 include Community Learning provision.

  • The Social Destination (SDE) codes should only be used for 16-19 (excluding Apprenticeships) funded high needs students.

  • If an outcome code of EDU2 "Apprenticeship" is used, an outcome record of employment does not also need to be recorded

  • You should use code OTH3 where you have been unable to contact the learner.

  • If you have contacted the learner and been unable to obtain information about their destination or progression then code OTH4 'Not known' should be recorded.

  • For codes OTH3 and OTH 4 the Outcome start date should be recorded as the day after the Learning actual end date.

  • Refer to the Provider Support Manual for additional guidance.

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