ILR specification: 2021 to 2022

Learner Employment Status: entity


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This entity collects the details of a learner's employment status before they start their learning (prior to enrolment) and any changes during their programme of learning.

Reason required

To demonstrate how the FE sector is contributing to improving the employability of learners. Validation of funding eligibility for Adult Skills and ESF funded learners.

Schema definitions

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Minimum occurrences
Maximum occurrences

Collection requirements

  • 16-19 excluding Apprenticeships (FundModel 25)
  • Adult Skills (FundModel 35)
  • ESF (FundModel 70)
  • Apprenticeships (FundModel 36)
  • Non-funded (FundModel 99)
  • Other Adult (FundModel 81)
  • Other 16-19 (FundModel 82)
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Data model

ERD LearnerEmploymentStatus


For 16-19 (excluding Apprenticeships) funded learners, this data is only required for those on a part-time programme of study (less than 540 hours in the teaching year).

For non-funded learners, this data is only required for non-funded apprenticeships and those aged 19+. It is not required for Local Authority funded Community learning (Funding model 99 and Source of funding 108).

Not collected for OLASS learners (LearnDelFAMType = LDM034)

  • Data about a learner's employment status prior to enrolment must be collected in all cases when a learner first enrols with a provider.

  • Refer to the Provider Support Manual for guidance about updating employment status records and detailed examples for completing this data.