ILR specification: 2021 to 2022

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How to search

You can search for:

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Interacting with search

You can work with search results in 2 ways

1) Live suggestions list (LSL)

Using the search box within the page header, the list is useful as a navigation start point for finding information. Suggestions are prioritised automatically after the first letter is entered into the search field. The list continues to suggest choices based on the search terms entered. Selecting a link from the LSL will load the relevant page.

The search term will be cleared when navigating away after using the search box within the page header. To check and consider multiple search results, use the search results page.

2 ) Search results page

Type a search term and then press enter. The results page will load.

Navigating to an entry from the results page will preserve the search term allowing navigation back to the results.

To navigate back to the search results page use either:

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  • Alt + Left arrow

Currently search results listing cannot be bookmarked.

Results and content tags

Results are categorised with the following tags:

  • Article (information supporting the specification) .

  • Field (technical specification for an ILR data field).

  • Entity (technical specification for an ILR data entity).


Searching for information about returning campus data (delivery site).

Typing in 'campus' into the search field lists 3 suggestions:

  1. Campus identifier field

  2. Completing the learner entity article

  3. Learner entity

The 3 suggestions listed are based on content configuration 'weighting' and keyword matching.

  • The best match found (campus identifier field) is listed first.

  • The second item is listed because 'campus identifier' features as an item within the article.

  • The third item is listed because campus identifier is part of the Learner entity.

Help us improve search

Search is being continuously reviewed and improvements are based on user feedback.

To assist with improving search, tell us if you think something is wrong. Provide details of what you were searching for, what you expected and what happened.