ILR specification: 2021 to 2022

Learning Delivery Funding and Monitoring Type: field


Version 4View changes
Type of change:
Specification layout
Details of change:

The ILR specification layout has been updated to separate codes into the appropriate types, this removes the large list of codes to improve usability. Codes can be accessed by clicking on the type which will show all of the codes linked to it. The SOC, Domicile, Outcome Grades, LDM and DAM codes have been added into the specification pages to support the development of the API functionality.

The LDM and DAM code list, and the SOC code list will continue to be published as spreadsheets for 2021 to 2022. These can be found on the appendices page Appendices, validation rules, and schema ILR 2021 to 2022.

User research for the presentation of these pages will be carried out in due course.

Type of change:
Code removal
Details of change:

The following Learning Delivery Monitoring (LDM) Codes have been removed:

  • LDM 127: Access to apprenticeships
  • LDM 354: Non-apprenticeship theatre and live events

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Type of change:
Details of change:

Source of Funding indicators have been added for Sheffield City Region Combined Authority and West Yorkshire Combined Authority who will receive an adult education budget.

  • SOF 118 Sheffield City Region Combined Authority
  • SOF 119 West Yorkshire Combined Authority

Type of change:
Details of change:

10 unassigned codes have been added to Source of Funding (SOF)

Type of change:
Details of change:

100 unassigned codes have been added to Learning Delivery Monitoring (LDM)


The funding or monitoring attribute being recorded.

Reason required

To identify additional funding and/or funding characteristics of the learning delivery.

Schema definitions

XML Element Name
Field length
Data type
Minimum occurrences
Maximum occurrences

Collection requirements

  • Collected for all aims

Attribute Codes

SOFSource of fundingThe organisation or source from which funding has been received directly for this learning aim in this teaching year.
FFIFull or Co-funding indicatorIndicates whether the learning aim is fully funded or co-funded with Adult Skills or Other Adult funding.
EEFEligibility for Enhanced Apprenticeship FundingTo indicate eligibility for enhanced apprenticeship funding.
RESRestart indicatorTo identify whether the learner has restarted the learning aim.
LSFLearning Support FundingTo identify whether the learner requires learning support funding for this learning aim.
ADLAdvanced Learner Loans IndicatorTo identify whether the learning aim is financed by an Advanced Learner Loan.
ALBAdvanced Learner Loans Bursary fundingThe category of Loans Bursary funding awarded to Advanced Learner Loans learners where the provider is claiming support through the ILR
ASLCommunity Learning provision typeIdentifies the type of Community Learning provision activity being undertaken.
FLNFamily English, Maths and LanguageCollect data on participation in regulated Family English, Maths and Language (FEML) courses that are formula funded from the Adult Education Budget.
LDMLearning Delivery MonitoringIndicates participation in programmes or initiatives.
DAMDevolved Area MonitoringIndicates participation in programmes or initiatives in devolved areas.
HHSHousehold SituationInformation about the household situation of the learner.
ACTApprenticeship Contract TypeThe type of contract under which this apprentice on this apprenticeship is being funded.


The Learning Delivery Funding and Monitoring entity is required if any of the FAM type characteristics apply to the learning aim. Please refer to the individual FAM types for collection requirements.

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