ILR specification: 2021 to 2022

Employment Status Monitoring Type: field


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Type of change:
New change
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The maximum occurrence for Employment Status Monitoring (ESM) has been increased from 7 to 9

Type of change:
New Code
Details of change:

A new code ESM type (OET) has been added to record redundancy along with 6 unassigned codes


Additional monitoring data associated with the employment status.

Reason required

To monitor economic activity of learners, support delivery of programmes for the unemployed and establish eligibility for Adult skills and ESF funded learners.

Schema definitions

XML Element Name
Field length
Data type
Minimum occurrences
Maximum occurrences

Attribute Codes

SEISelf employment indicatorTo indicate whether the learner is self-employed.
EIIEmployment intensity indicatorTo indicate the number of hours the learner is employed for per week.
LOULength of unemploymentTo identify how long the learner has been unemployed.
LOELength of employmentTo identify how long the learner has been employed.
BSIBenefit Status IndicatorTo identify the type of benefit that the learner is in receipt of.
PEIPrevious Education IndicatorTo identify whether the learner was in full-time education or training prior to enrolment.
SEMSmall EmployerTo identify whether the employer recorded in the Employer identifier field is a small employer as defined in the funding rules
OETOther Employment TypeTo identify other types of employment status such as redundancy

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