ILR specification: 2020 to 2021

Benefit Status Indicator: attribute field


To identify the type of benefit that the learner is in receipt of.

Reason Required

To monitor economic activity and establish funding eligibility of learners.

Min Occurs
Max Occurs

Collection Requirements

  • Collected for all learners


  • This should be completed on all records where applicable

  • Code 4, Learner is in receipt of Universal Credit, should be used for all learners in receipt of
    Universal Credit.

  • Learners who started before 1 August 2016 who have been mandated to learning by their jobcentre adviser should record this in the Learning Delivery Funding and Monitoring fields using code LDM318.

  • For learners starting on or after 1 August 2020 use code BSI 5 for learners in receipt of Employment and Support Allowance (all categories).

  • You should ensure that the BSI codes are accurately completed for all Adult Skills or Other Adult funded learners for whom you are claiming full funding.

  • Unassigned codes will fail validation and must not be used until authorised and published.